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   My name is Jason Leitner, I am the Commissioner for the Pool and I have created this website so people can follow along. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please fill out the form that's located at the bottom of every page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for playing and please feel free to invite all of your friends, family, and coworkers to join this Pool! We need 100 Squares filled...first come, first serve and I can NOT reserve spots. Once the forms are filled out and payments are received, your name will be added to the list.


Due to how fast the Grid fills, I can no longer keep up with updating the available Squares live. Therefore, you will be placed randomly on the Grid. However, if you purchase more than one Square, you have the ability to make sure you either...

- Share a line with another one of your Squares

- Do NOT share a line with another one of your Squares

Let's have another fun March Madness!

For Those Who Understand the Basics of Square Pools (such as Super Bowl Square Pools)

You send me the money to purchase a Square or Squares from the "1. Form" page. I will put your name in a random open Square. Once the pool begins, the numbers on top and side will be randomly drawn. Your Square(s) will be assigned a "Winning" and "Losing" team number. The 2nd number (or 3rd number if 100+ points) of each team's Halftime and Final Score is the number that matters. If it matches your numbers, you win the Square's payout. The Halftime Score Square is determined by the "Winning" and "Losing" team numbers at Halftime (with no connection to the Final Score Square).

Payouts are the same as last year (listed below)...for every game of the Tournament (excluding Play-In games). No limit on how many times you can win.

For People New to Square Pools...a Breakdown of How To Play

It's easy to play and there's no skill involved, just luck!

Purchase a Square or Squares for $100 each by going to the Buy a Square page. I will replace the Square(s) number in the Grid with your name. Once the Grid is full of names or the Tournament starts (whichever comes first), I will randomly draw numbers across the top and down the side. This will designate a "Winning Team" and "Losing Team" number for every Square. Your Square's numbers will stay the same the entire time. Examples of the Grid are below.

The Pool begins...

For every basketball game (except Play-In games), the Halftime and Final Score's 2nd number (or 3rd number if 100+ points) for each team is what matters. So if Duke is beating Purdue 56-48 at Halftime, the Halftime Score Winning Square is the person with the "Winning Team" #6 and "Losing Team" #8. Purdue pulls an upset in double overtime and beats Duke 102-98, the Final Score Winning Square is the person with the "Winning Square" #2 and "Losing Square" #8. The Halftime and Final Score Squares have no connection with each other. Same rules apply for Halftime and Final Score. The Payout is the only difference. Besides paying for your Square(s), there's nothing else you need to do, but sit back and watch. I will update this website with winner Payouts ASAP after each Round and will contact all the Payout winners at the end of the Tournament to send you your winnings.

Each Round the Payout values increase, including the $2,000 Final Score Square and $500 Halftime Score Square for the Championship Game!

If not all Squares are purchased, exact payouts will be determined when the Tournament starts. If a Winning Square is not owned by someone, its respective payout will only be added to the National Championship game's Final Score Winning Square payout (not Halftime). Tiebreaker Rules are listed below.

Cost of a Square

$100 each Square

Example of the Grid

How to Figure Out a Winning Square

In this example,the "Final Score Payout" would go to the person who owns the "Losing Team #0, Winning Team #7" Square


If all 100 Squares are bought ($10,000 entries - website fees = $9,820 total pot)


Tiebreakers for National Championship Game (if not all Squares are bought)

  • If nobody owns the Final Score Winning Square, then the Halftime Square winner gets both Final & Halftime Square Payouts. If there is no Halftime Score Winning Square owner, then Final Score Winning Square get both payouts. If both Final & Halftime Score Winning Squares are not owned, go to Rule #2.

  • The Halftime Score takes place of the Final Score of the game. Tiebreaker Rule #1 will apply again. If Winner's Final Score Square and Halftime Score Square for the Halftime Score are not owned, go to Rule #3.

  • A computer will randomly pick a "Winning Team" and "Losing Team" number until there is a winner. *This will be done with at least 2 witnesses 

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